Tell us about your projects and information needs

GEO Blue Planet requests community input on ocean observing capabilities and user information needs related to the Blue Planet symposium sessions. All interested parties are encouraged to submit input on these topics. Submissions received by May 15, 2017 will be used for symposium preparation and shared on the symposium website. 


Sessions 1-4 will aim to identify and review the drivers and pressures on the oceans, the current and predicted states and impacts to the Earth’s life support system

  • Session 1: Sustainable use of ocean resources
  • Session 2: Threats from pollution, warming and acidification
  • Session 3: The changing oceans
  • Session 4: Processes and life at the Interfaces with the oceans


Sessions 5-8 will aim to identify and review user information needs related to the impacts on the oceans discussed on day 1, present examples of existing information services and identify the potential prototype and pilot projects to be implemented through the GEO Blue Planet Initiative. 

  • Session 5: Services and information for coastal communities
  • Session 6: Services and information for healthy ecosystems and food security
  • Session 7: Sessions and information for the blue economy
  • Session 8: Sessions and information for maritime awareness