Call for Sponsors

Why sponsor this event? 

The 5th GEO Blue Planet Symposium will take place from 24 to 28 October 2022 in Accra, Ghana. This face-to-face symposium is co-organised by the GEO Blue Planet Secretariat (Mercator Ocean International, NOAA and the University of Maryland) and the AIR Centre, and hosted by the University of Ghana and University of Energy and Natural Resources in Ghana.    

This year’s symposium, themed Local Action in Support of Global Traction, is specifically geared towards improving GEO Blue Planet’s engagement with African nations in an effort to expand the EO community of practice, strengthen local capacity and provide access to resources, tools, and services.  This event encourages: 

  • Interaction, 
  • Networking, and 
  • high-class scientific knowledge outreach particularly with African institutions/organisations. 

Without the generous support of participating organisations, the GEO Blue Planet Symposium could not continue to fulfil this important role of increasing regional connections, and promoting linkages between stakeholders and the ocean and coastal observing community. Past symposia include:

Following the success of the 4 previous symposia the interest in our symposium is continuously growing and will attract more than 200 international experts coming from industry, research academia, government and state agencies. 

For the first time, the 5th edition of GEO Blue Planet symposium will be held on the African continent – in Accra, Ghana. As a result of this, we are expecting to attract a diverse range of speakers and stakeholders.  

Your support will ensure that the costs of the symposium remain accessible for participants, and will improve the quality of the symposium experience for all attendees. Moreover, as a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your organisation, highly contribute to the success of this edition and gain visibility in African research communities.

How to become an official sponsor of the event

Several packages have been tailored to offer a variety of in-kind sponsoring opportunities – see relevant section below. To apply for sponsorship opportunities, please simply complete and send the sponsor application form via this link to express your interest in one of the sponsorship packages. 

For any question regarding sponsoring or if you are interested in any specific option, you are kindly invited to contact the sponsoring committee of the symposium at  


Benefits for sponsors & sponsor packages

Click on each of the titles below for more information:

We offer five levels of sponsorship packages to choose from, and additional sponsorship items as described in the packages below to allow you to achieve greater visibility with named awards, handouts, and more. Our packages have been revised to reflect the local projected costs. As a sponsor, you may receive benefits as detailed in the sponsorship packages table. 

If the proposed packages do not suit your expectations, the symposium organisers will be happy to discuss alternative opportunities with you.  

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions for the symposium and the engagement of attendees with the sponsors.  

We hope that you will respond positively to our invitation and, become a sponsor and partner of the 5th GEO Blue Planet Symposium.  

Maximise reach and engagement for your organisation with GEO Blue Planet Symposium, supporting local efforts at providing solutions to global issues that are being tackled by the Sustainable Development Goals. Several packages have been tailored to offer a variety of in-kind sponsoring opportunities. 

* To maximize your options and publicity exposure, please confirm your participation by the earliest date possible. The availability of sponsorable events is limited. Priority will be given according to the sponsorship level and the order in which the sponsorship fees were paid.  

*All sponsorship levels are indicative and quoted in euros or American Dollars (USD)



Invest in your future colleague or collaborators. Support students/early career professionals by funding their travel, accommodation & meals for the entire length of the 5th Symposium of GEO Blue Planet in Accra, Ghana. Your student/early career professionals’ sponsorship will be acknowledged on the symposium website, during the opening event, and more (See table above). We will work on the matchmaking process between sponsors and student/early career professionals. We estimated the costs to be around 3000 euros/ USD but this will depend on the country of residence of each participant (flight tickets tend to vary greatly).

A GEO Blue Planet Symposium is about more than just science and technology. Participants are also looking forward to the social events where they can mingle and experience the “couleur locale” of the host city. Often these events linger in the mind of the participants for years to come as one of the highlights of the symposium. Your organisation can be associated with these memories by sponsoring one of these events either exclusively or conjointly. Only one item is available for each package.  

  • WELCOME COCKTAIL (€/USD 10,000) on Monday 24 October 2022 from 6.00 to 8.00pm  

When symposium participants arrive in an unfamiliar city, they are eager to see familiar faces and meet new ones. The welcome cocktail reception on the eve of the symposium will provide networking opportunities for attendees, speakers and organisers.  We anticipate that the majority of the symposium participants (around 200 people) will show up for this event. The welcome cocktail is planned to take place in the Alisa Ridge Arena conference venue where light food and refreshments will be served. Sponsorship of the cultural event/site tour provides a unique and high-value opportunity for your organisation to engage with participants and promote your work.



  • CULTURAL EVENT – SITE TOUR (€/ USD 10,000) on Wednesday 26 October from 4.00 to 6.00 pm 

Social events have always played a key role in the success of the GEO Blue Planet symposia, representing for all participants the chance to enjoy the company of colleagues and friends and relax after a full day of conference sessions. Holding culture events provide a short break in the workday and helps strengthen the community. This event would be allowing attendees to learn more about the host city, Accra. 200 participants are expected to participate to this cultural event. Sponsorship of the cultural event/site tour provides a unique and high-value opportunity for your organisation to engage with participants and promote your work.  



  • SIT DOWN DINNER (€/ USD 10,000) on Wednesday 26 October from 6.00 to 8.00 pm 

This sit-down dinner event is organized to celebrate the end of the three days of plenary sessions, training session and Forum symposium as well as to say goodbye to the departing participants. Two hundred (200) participants are expected in the restaurant of the venue whilst enjoying and tasting the traditional culinary treats of Ghana and Africa. Sponsorship of the sit-down dinner event is an excellent opportunity to network and mingle with participants before their return to their countries and organisations.


  • CLOSING RECEPTION (€/ USD 6,000) on Friday 28 October from 5.00 to 7.00 pm 

To celebrate the closure of the symposium week as well as two days of workshops, all participants will be invited to a farewell dinner in the evening. This event is an opportunity for attendees to enjoy their last night of the symposium discovering the local cuisine and traditions of Ghana. 100 participants are expected to participate to this closing reception which will be held at the Alisa Ridge hotel’s pool area. This friendly and relaxing event offer opportunity for sponsors to network and matchmaking with participants.