Symposium Infos

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Program Committee:

  • Blue Planet Initiative: Trevor Platt, Sophie Seeyave
  • Coastal Zone Community of Practice: Paul DiGiacomo, Hans-Peter Plag
  • Research Coordination Network “OceanObs”: Jay Pearlman
  • Group on Earth Observations: Douglas Cripe
  • GODAE-Oceanview: Paul DiGiacomo
  • IGBP-SCOR Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER): Eileen Hofmann
  • CSIRO: Andy Steven (2nd Blue Planet Symposium Chair)
  • GOOS: Tim Moltmann, Chair GOOS Regional Council, University of Tasmania
  • MBON: Samantha Simmons
  • CEOS: Paul DiGiacomo
  • IEEE OES: Jay Pearlman, Hans-Peter Plag

Organizing Committee:

  • Emily Smail, Blue Planet Coordinator, NOAA
  • Paul DiGiacomo
  • Jay Pearlman
  • Hans-Peter Plag
  • Jonathan Hodge
  • Sophie Seeyave