Ocean and Coastal Observations Training Facilitators

The call for trainers is closed. 

The ocean and coastal observations tutorials will be geared towards introducing remote sensing and in situ observing of the ocean and coasts. These sessions may feature a review of the basic principles of Ocean Observations (e.g., Introduction to Satellite & In-situ observations, modelling 101, Oceanography 101 etc.), common tools and strategies for analysing and integrating large data sets, and exploring the availability and capacity of high-level data products (e.g., the NOAA STAR Ocean Colour Viewer, Copernicus MyOcean visualisation tools, WEkEO) for academic and decision-making purposes.   

Objectives of training

  1. To introduce ocean and coasts observations to session participants
  2. To provide a high-level overview of the processes involved in locating and analysing data. 
  3. To inform attendees of the availability and capacity of ocean and coastal data products for academic and decision-making purposes.   

Target audience  

These tutorials should appeal to an audience of up to 40 attendees from diverse academic and career backgrounds. Attendees may include academics (research scientists, students), end users (sectoral stakeholders) and local/regional decision and policy makers.  

Submitting an Expression of Interest 

The tutorial sessions will be held on Monday, 24 October 2022 from 9:00am- 3:30pm at the Alisa Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Sessions can vary in length from one to two hours and may feature multiple presenters. Please note that tutorial session facilitators are required to fund their own travel and accommodation at this year’s symposium. If you would like to submit an expression of interest in facilitating one of these tutorial sessions, please fill in the form below.

Applications will be accepted and selected on a rolling basis until tutorial session slots are filled. If you require additional information, visit the symposium website (https://symposium.geoblueplanet.org/), contact GEO Blue Planet via email at info@geoblueplanet.org.