Symposium forum

The Symposium forum is designed as a platform for diverse communication among practitioners, experts, and stakeholders in Asia and other countries on the use of ocean information for various maritime and coastal issues. The main goal is to explore critical regional issues related to ocean and coastal spaces and coordinate with GEO Blue Planet working groups. Based on a review of the ocean and coastal issues in Asia and other countries, the forum will be organized around digital challenges and practical strategies. In addition, a space will be provided to discuss the detailed outcomes and follow-up actions of this annual symposium together.

Forum Objectives

  1. To promote communication and collaboration within local communities regarding ocean and coastal issues.
  2. To explore the role of ocean information in responding to ocean issues.
  3. To discuss achievable outcomes for sustainable development in the Asian region and propose a new working group.

Target Audience

The Symposium forum is open to general participants throughout the Symposium. Participants include international organizations, regional organizations, experts, stakeholders, policymakers, and students in the Asia region.